Extract WhatsApp Pictures from iCloud

WhatsApp allows iPhone users to backup messages to iCloud, as well as photos and pictures(expect for videos). Many users use this function to save their photos to iCloud for saving the space on iPhone. Backup up WhatsApp to iCloud regularly is also a good habit for data security. The only disadvantage of iCloud backup is […]

How to Access and View iTune Backup Files

Apple do not provide the path for your to view iTunes backup files. This article will provide you the method to access and extract data from iTunes backup. As one of the accessories for iPhone, iPad and iPod, many iOS users use iTunes to backup their data. With iTunes backup, people can restore directly from […]

How to Avoid Purchasing Stolen iPhone?

I bought an iPhone 5s with the screen cracked. I replaced the screen and was using it as a personal iPhone. Today it got blocked. So I call AT&T and they told me that the phone was reported stolen. Now I even can not use the phone. Many people choose to purchase used iPhone for […]

Solutions for Common iPhone Keyboard Problems

iPhone keyboard, as the essential part when using iPhone, has improved a lot with the upgrade of iOS. But some iOS users still come across some problem when using iPhone keyboard. We write this article about some common problem you may meet and provide the way for you to solve it. If you are experiencing […]

How to Install iOS 10 Public Beta on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

As a Apple fan, how can you miss the latest iOS 10 Public Beta? It is reported that the iOS 10 public beta has been released. That means not justregistered Apple developers, anyone who has the eligible ios device can install the public beta. Can’t wait to know how to download and install iOS 10public […]