Recover Deleted WeChat Messages from iPhone without Backup

“I just deleted some really important wechat messages on my iPhone 6s. What’s worse, I didn’t make a backup via iTunes, nor did I turn on iCloud backups. So is there any chance that I can get my deleted wechat messages on iPhone back without backup?” Deleted some WeChat messages on iPhone and only to […]

Three Ways to Backup iPhone WeChat Chat History

Summary: There are some important chat history in WeChat and you are afraid of losing them. Dont worry, In this post, we will introduce you three ways to backup iPhone WeChat chat history. WeChat app on iPhone is one of the important forms of communication with family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. Backing up your […]

Is it Possible to Retrieve iPhone WeChat Recall Messages

I am curious about the content of the recall messages on WeChat. Is there a way to retrieve these wechat recall messages? There is the feature named Recall Messages in WeChat which allow WeChat users to recall the sent messages within two minutes. This interesting feature may make curious users crazy and want to figure […]

Retrieve Wechat Messages from iPhone 7/SE/6S(6s Plus)/6(6 Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4

WeChat, as the commonly used social chat app in China, has become popular all over the world. Once you used the app, you will love the chat experience which allows you to send text messages, audio messages, share pictures and videos. However, many users will also stuck the trouble that accidentally deleted some WeChat messages […]

How to Recover WeChat Contacts without Backup

I use WeChat for business. There are over 1,000 WeChat contacts on my iPhone. When I try to contact someone through WeChat this morning, I am surprised to find that there are only less than 500 contacts on my WeChat now!!! I dont know whats the reason of it and I even did not delete […]

Three Ways to Recover Deleted Wechat Messages

When we use the social apps to chat with our friends, the most terriable thing is that delete some important and useful messages. “When I chat with my friend by wechat, I accidentally deleted the important wechat histroy with my boss. Can deleted wechat messages be recovered? Anysolution about it?” Questions like this are often […]