How to Recover WeChat Contacts without Backup

I use WeChat for business. There are over 1,000 WeChat contacts on my iPhone. When I try to contact someone through WeChat this morning, I am surprised to find that there are only less than 500 contacts on my WeChat now!!! I dont know whats the reason of it and I even did not delete […]

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Reminders on iPhone

My naughty kid deleted some of my important conference reminders when he played game on the iPhone.Without these reminders, I may miss some conferences. Is it possible to recover accidentally deleted reminders on iPhone? Hope someone could help me. My iPhone is iPhone 6S with iOS 9. Thank you. When you accidentally deleted some reminders […]

Retrieve Deleted&Lost WhatsApp Messages without Backup

When you accidentally deleted some WhatsApp messages or lost them due to some reason. Do you want to retrieve these deleted and lost WhatsApp messages directly from your iPhone? According to the info on WhatsApp official website, WhatsApp chat history are not stored on their servers, which means these messages are stored directly in iPhone. […]

Review of 5 Best iPhone Data Recovery Software in 2016

Many unexpected incidents can lead to your iPhone data loss, such as iPhone stolen, accidental deletion, virus attack, jailbreak, system upgrade. Losing data can be potentially devastating, but there are plenty of iPhone data recovery tools available to ensure that all is not lost forever. Here is a selection of the 5 best iPhone Data […]