Is it Possible to Backup iPhone Data without iTunes or iCloud

When I connect my iPhone with computer and try to backup it to iTunes, there is the error messages inform me that iTunes can not backup my iPhone. I dont wanna to backup iPhone to iCloud as I think it is not safe. So I want to find the way to backup iPhone data without […]

Easy Way to Backup iPhone Contacts to Computer Selectively

I am under the impression that the contacts on my iPhone can be selectively backed up onto my Windows PC and appear in the Contacts Folder. I tried to use iTunes, but it only make the backup of all the data on my iphone which can not allow me access these content. So I want […]

3 Ways to Backup iPhone Data

As we know, there are much conditions that will cause you lost your data when using iPhone, like water damaged the iPhone, fail to upgrade, accidentally deleted data, etc. Once you lost data, you will look for any way to recover lost data. But do you know that the best way to rescue data is […]