Recover Lost Notes on iPad Pro


Summary: From this article, well learn how to recover lost Notes on iPad Pro, read it and learn more.

I havent use my iPhone for weeks, and when i open it this morning to check some of my notes, there is nothing left. What can i do to recover my lost Notes on iPad Pro?

Notes are always important for us when we have plenty things to do, or when you have a bad memory. But just like other iPhone iPad data, we may lost them with many different reason with or without backup. And from this page, well learn some methods about how to recover lost Notes on iPad Pro, please have a check.

Recover Lost Notes on iPad from Backups

When you have done some backup of your iPad Notes, we can help you restore your Notes from backups, but it just wont allow us to do it selectively, see below steps.

For iCloud:

1. Connect your iPad with Wifi, log in iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

2. Then go to Setting–General–Erase All Content and Settings, when all content and settings are erased, go to set up assistant with a hello screen.

3. Swipe to begin the set up progress, choose backup files you need. Tap on Restore Backup and confirm with Restore.

For iTunes:

1. Launch iTunes, connect your iPad with PC.

2. When its recognized, click iPad image icon, and go to Files–Summary. Then you can see all your backup files on left side bar.

3. Choose the backup files you need, tap on Restore Backup, and confirm with Restore.

Recover Lost Notes from Email

When you have synced your Notes with Email, now we can get back your lost notes from it.

1. Log in web Email on your browser, then check if your have synced with your email.

2. If its there, go to Setting–Mail, Contact, Calendars, then choose the email account youre using, and turn on Notes button.

3. And if your Notes button is already under email account, turn it off, then turn it on to re-sync your notes.

Recover Recently Deleted Notes on iPad

When your notes are deleted recently, you can follow below steps and get them back.

1. Launch Notes app on your iPad, and click Back Arrow to enter folder screen page.

2. Then you can see folder Recently Deleted, click it, and tap on Edit on the right top corner.

3. Now find and click the notes you need to recover, tap on Move button at the left bottom corner and choose notes folder to save your notes.

Recover Lost Notes Selectively on iPad

When you have no backups, and couldnt get back your notes with above three methods, or you want to get back your lost notes selectively, now iRefone is your best choice.

iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can help us recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, call history, WeChat messages ect. And when we have backups, it can also help us extract our lost notes from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively without erasing all content and settings.

When you need, you can download and install the free trial version from its website, and follow below brief steps to get them back.

Step 1. Run iRefone, connect your iPad Pro with PC. Choose Recover from iOS Device, click Start.

Step 2. Then well enter the new interface with many data icon and media icon that iRefone can recover, find and click Notes icon, and it will be scanned by the software.

Step 3. Wait a few seconds for scanning, then you can preview and choose notes you need, tap on Recover to PC, and choose folder path to save them.

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