Different Tools to Backup iPhone Contacts

different-tools-to-backup-iphone-contactsI want to backup my iPhone Contacts in case of data loss. Can anyone introduce me a good tool to do this job? Thanks for any suggestions.

Contacts on iPhone is the bridge for you to communicate with others. In order to keep these data safe, many people choose to backup iPhone Contacts just like above user. Regularly backup iPhone Contacts makes it easier to access the contacts later on. If you are searching for the tool to help you backup Contacts on iPhone, you are in the right place. In this post, we will introduce you some different tools for you to choose to backup iPhone Contacts.

Best iPhone Contacts Backup Tool(Recommended)

iRefone is the best iPhone Contacts backup tool for you. It is highly recommended by many users and professionals. This tool enables you selectively backup Contacts on your iPhone to computer or Mac. It enables you to edit your Contacts after backup. Below we will show you the steps to backup iPhone Contacts with iRefone.

Step 1: Download and install iRefone or iRefone for Mac.

Step 2: Run iRefone and connect your iPhone with computer. Click Start.

Step 3: Choose contacts icon to start the process of scanning and analysis your iPhone.

Step 4: Preview and select these iPhone contacts you need to backup. Then click Recover to PC to backup them to computer.

Backup iPhone Contacts with iTunes

iTunes will create full backup for almost all your iPhone content as well as contacts. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to backup iPhone contacts with iTunes.

Step 1: Connect your device with computer and run iTunes.

Step 2: iTunes will detect your device and it will be showed in left sidebar.

Step 3: Click the icon of your device.

Step 4: Click Summary and scroll down until you find the backup section. Tick This computer and click Back Up Now.

Step 5: The backup process will take some time. When it is finished, your iPhone backup including these contacts data will be on your computer.

Backup iPhone Contacts with iCloud

If you do not want to occupy the space of your computer and hope to backup contacts to cloud, you could use iCloud to help you backup contacts on your iPhone.

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings> iCloud.

Step 2: Fill in your iCloud account. Make sure your WiFi netwok is working well.

Step 3: On iCloud screen, turn on Contacts option and tap Merge.

Step 4: Find Storage & Backup option and tap it.

Step 5: Turn on iCloud Backup and tap Back Up Now.

Backup iPhone Contacts as vCard File on Mac

Step 1. Open Contacts section on your Mac.

Step 2. Select the contacts that you would like to save/export. If you do not know how to select, simply hold down Command-A to select all the contacts.

Step 3. Click File, then Export and then Export vCard.

Step 4. Give the vCard a name or identify it to enable a quick search when the need arises.

Step 5. Click Save.