How to Download HEIC Photos from iPhone to Computer

Since iOS 11, I have taken many photos with my iPhone, and as said they are all with HEIC format. Now i want to download those HEIC photos from my iPhone to PC, how to do it? Most of us have the habit of taking photos to record our daily life, then there will be […]

Transfer Text Messages from old iPhone to iPhone X/iPhone 8

Finally, i get my new iPhone X. Now i want to transfer some text messages from my old iPhone to my new iPhone X, anyone can help me with it? Its not possible for us to bring more than two iOS devices every time we go out, so we couldnt check all our iPhone data […]

How Can I Send Large/long Videos from iPhone to Computer

Many iPhone users like to record videos and you may find that the videos taken with iPhone are usually large files. Due to the limited storage space of iPhone, you may want to transfer these large/long videos from iPhone to computer. It seems that it is difficult to copy and transfer large files. However, you […]

How to Transfer Photos from iCloud to External Hard Drive

Photos on my iPhone are backed up on iCloud, but as my iCloud storage is full I want to back up my iCloud photos to an external hard drive. How do I do this on my Windows desktop PC? I do not have a Mac. iCloudis the good and easy way that allowyoutobackupdatainiOSdevice.ButiCloud only providesfree5GBforyoutosavedata.Onceyouoverthe […]

Useful Trick to Selectively Restore iTunes Backup Contacts to iPhone 7

I changed my iPhone to iPhone 7 and I made the backup of my old iPhone in iTunes. The problem here is how can I selectively restore iTunes backup contacts to the new iPhone 7. Can anyone give me some tricks to selectively restore iTunes backup contacts to iPhone 7? iPhone 7 has released for […]

Selectively Transfer Contacts from iTunes to iPhone 7 Plus

I changed my phone to iPhone 7 Plus and these are a little contacts in my iTunes that I need to transfer to the new iPhone 7 Plus. I do not need other data in the backup as they would take much space of my new iPhone. Is there the solution to selectively transfer contacts […]

Transfer App Attachments from iPhone to Computer

There are some attachments in the third-party apps on my iPhone that I need to transfer them to computer. I tried the iTunes but it seems can not work. So I wonder to ask how to transfer App attachments from iPhone to computer? Nowadays, nearly all social massaging apps like iPhone Messages, WhatsApp, WeChat and […]