How to Undelete Only iPhone Videos from iTunes Backup

I accidentally deleted some videos on my iPhone and cannot find them in the recently deleted folder as my icloud storage is full. Luckily I had the backup in iTunes. My question is how can I access only these videos from iTunes backup? Videos are one of the most important data in iPhone, but these […]

How Can I Download iPhone Xs WeChat Messages in iCloud

I backed up my iPhone X WeChat messages in iCloud, but now I need to these data. Is there any way for me to download and access these WeChat messages in iCloud? WeChat app on your iPhone allows you to chat with families and friends all over the world, many people like to backup WeChat […]

How to Backup Call Log from iPhone to PC

Call log is the phone history recorder which help you save received calls, sent calls and missing calls. Maybe, you want to see who frequently called your iPhone or you just want to see the call history on your computer to check if there’s some unsaved phone numbers, maybe from an important customer, or other […]

Retrieve Lost Voice Memos on iPhone X

When I plugged my iPhone X in a few weeks ago it said it needed to update the software. I clicked OK. It froze hard while doing this. I had to do a restore. That’s when I “lost” my voice memos. I’m looking for way torecover voice memos from iPhone X. Get some tech support […]

Any Way to Recover Lost Notes from iPhone X

How to restore accidentally deleted notes from iPhone X if no backup? Read this article to learn how to. Hi. I have an iPhone X. My notes have randomly disappeared on me twice now. Prior to now, I didn’t have iCloud set up, so I didn’t have any backup set up. Can anyone help? Its […]

Recover Deleted Number on iPhone X

My friends help me transfer my contacts from old phone to my new iPhone X, then i find there are many duplicated contacts on my iPhone X, so i delete some of them. Now i realize that i delete some number that i need. How could i recover my deleted number on iPhone X? Phone […]