Retrieve Lost Voice Memos on iPhone X

When I plugged my iPhone X in a few weeks ago it said it needed to update the software. I clicked OK. It froze hard while doing this. I had to do a restore. That’s when I “lost” my voice memos. I’m looking for way torecover voice memos from iPhone X. Get some tech support […]

Recover Your Disabled iPhone without iTunes Backup

This article offers the possible ways tofixadisabled iPhone without iTunes. Sometimes, your iPhone will become disabled and you cannot access any data on the disabled device. How can you get back the inaccessible files from a disabled iPhone? Youre in the right place. In this article, we will share some solutions with you to restore […]

How to Transfer Photos from iCloud to External Hard Drive

Photos on my iPhone are backed up on iCloud, but as my iCloud storage is full I want to back up my iCloud photos to an external hard drive. How do I do this on my Windows desktop PC? I do not have a Mac. iCloudis the good and easy way that allowyoutobackupdatainiOSdevice.ButiCloud only providesfree5GBforyoutosavedata.Onceyouoverthe […]

How Do I Find Disappeared Videos on iPhone 7 Plus from iTunes Backup

My recorded videos on iPhone 7 Plus suddenly disappeared and I try to hope it can come again, but it never.So now I want to ask if it is possible to find these disappeared videos from iTunes backup. I remember that I made the backup last week. It is better to only extract these videos […]

Useful Trick to Selectively Restore iTunes Backup Contacts to iPhone 7

I changed my iPhone to iPhone 7 and I made the backup of my old iPhone in iTunes. The problem here is how can I selectively restore iTunes backup contacts to the new iPhone 7. Can anyone give me some tricks to selectively restore iTunes backup contacts to iPhone 7? iPhone 7 has released for […]

Recover Accidentally Deleted Data on Jailbroken iPhone 6

I jailbreak my iPhone 6 and everything runs well until I accidentally deleted some messages yesterday. I tried to look for the way to recover lost data on iPhone. But my iPhone 6 is jailbroken and I want to if there is the method to recover accidentally deleted data on iPhone 6? As we all […]